Who is the BD Tea Break website for?

BD Tea Breaks are for anyone and everyone around the Bradford district who wants to have a cuppa and a chat with each other while we’re still social distancing.

Whether you’re isolating, working from home, or just want to meet some new people around Bradford, BD Tea Breaks is an invitation to put the kettle on and connect for a few minutes, up to twice a day.

We recommend that only people aged 18 and older use the website, but if you’re younger than that you should make sure you have a responsible adult by your side when you use it.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, visit the front page of the website and enter a few details. Then look out for a welcome email in your inbox (or spam) saying hello. You’re all done!

If you’re going to be using your smartphone or tablet rather than a computer, you’ll also need to download a video app called Jitsi before you can join the chats. (see the bottom of this page)

How do I sign in?

Each time you want to join in with one of the tea breaks (which are daily at 11am and 3pm), just visit the site and you should already be logged in if you’ve clicked the link from the Welcome email.

If you're not logged in, click ‘Login’ and enter your email address. You’ll then get a link sent to your email inbox. The link is valid for 60 minutes. You don’t need a password, and can only log in using the link that has been sent to you. This helps us to keep the site secure.

When can I chat with people?

Chats are twice a day, at 11am and 3pm, and you’ll see a chat button on the front page of the website at these times.

We created the chats at these times because they’re ideal times for a tea break.

Chats are meant to be 15 minutes long (although you can stay on for as long as you want once you’re in). If you try to login after 11.15am or 3.15pm you won’t be able to, so make sure you get chatting within that 15-minute timeframe.

How do the different chat rooms work?

When you log in at the right time and click ‘chat’, the website will automatically try to put you into a chat room with two other people. Three is the magic number for BD Tea Breaks.

But sometimes, if the numbers don’t quite add up, you’ll have the option of joining an existing chat room which might have more than two people in it already. Look out for a button that offers you the chance to do that if you’re still waiting a minute after logging in.

Once you’re in a chat room, laptop users will be able to see a list of rooms and how many people are in each one. If you want to switch rooms, you can do that by clicking to join a different room.

What happens after 15 minutes?

15 minutes is the suggested length of a tea break, but you can stay on and keep talking if you want. There’s no time cut-off for ending the chats, only for starting them.

How do I know who I'm chatting with?

Laptop users can see the first names of other people they’re chatting with. No other user info is available.

If you’ve met someone you want to talk to again, you can swap details with them during the chat and stay in touch.

Or you can just sign off after 15 minutes is up, and carry on with your day – it’s totally up to you.

Can I get a reminder before each session?

Yes! When you visit the website for the first time, you should get a pop-up asking you if the website can send you notifications.

If you click ‘allow’ then you’ll get a little pop-up a few minutes before each chat to remind you it’s time for you to put the kettle on and get ready for a chill and a chat.

You can start and stop these notifications at any time by playing with the notification settings on your particular browser.

What can I do if someone is behaving badly?

We’re doing what we can to keep the site secure and make sure it’s used only by the people who genuinely want to be friendly and sociable. But, this is the internet, and we can’t always control what happens. This is where we might need your help.

If you want to report someone for bad behaviour during a chat, you can click the ‘report user’ button and we’ll ask you for more details and ban that user if necessary.

I'm having technical problems. What can I do?

This website is a slightly complicated technical beast, and sometimes it might not behave quite the way we want it to.

Older browsers won't work with Jitsi, so we advise you to use a modern more secure browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

If you’re having technical problems getting into a chat or staying in one, we’d always recommend that you try refreshing the page.

If you’re still having problems and this FAQ hasn’t help, click the contact link on the website and tell us what happened – your feedback is really important in making sure the website works properly, so we’d really appreciate any info you can give us about your experience.

Do I have to drink tea whilst I'm chatting?

No, not at all, coffee is also perfectly acceptable.

I don't like the wallpaper behind the chat window, can I change it?

Yes certainly. Send us your designs if you think you can do better!

How can I spread the word about BD Tea Breaks?

If you like the website and the idea, you can help more people to find out about it by sharing the link on social media. You could also take a screenshot of your chat and share it online with the hashtag #BDTeaBreak

Want to chat using your phone? You will need this free app: